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An Invitation

In memory of Joel Lewis BARRIE and in support of THE REACH FOUNDATION we extend to you an invitation to join us at a

Reach Out For Joel Dinner


A sumptuous 4-course dinner, including all drinks, will be served to a maximum of 10 guests to be held high in the sky on the river at Docklands, surrounded by the twinkling lights of beautiful Melbourne.

A fully tax deductible donation of $100 is requested from each guest, made payable directly to The Reach Foundation, plus a small contribution towards the food and drink for the night.

We invite you to contact us (Contacts tab) to further discuss your requirements. There is no commitment or money payable until a place at a dinner has been confirmed and you are happy with the arrangements.


By request we have extended our offering to stand up cocktail parties if you wish to invite more than 10 people. These can be for numbers up to 30 people and we serve a minimum of 7 courses of finger food.  We can do private or corporate functions, with or without entertainment.  These nights are less expensive per head than a sit down and we have variations on the donations structure, depending on your needs, so if you would like to enquire about this type of function please contact us (Contacts tab) and we will be happy to discuss something that will suit your requirements.

We wish to thank you for your support of our family and sincerely hope that you are able to join us.  See pictures below of some of the dinners we have held so far together with the dates which are available for you to choose from.  We do not usually do more than one function per month.

Jayne and David Barrie

See below for available dates:

Inaugural – May 2011
The INAUGURAL dinner was held on Saturday 14th May 2011.  I know self praise is no recommendation but David and I thought it was a roaring success. Thanks again to Jill and John Sands for their support in booking the night to remember Joel and support Reach.  You have a great bunch of friends guys!!  Thank you all.
June 2011
Another great night (thanks to Cleo and Wayne for arranging) and another great bunch of people!!  A couple may look familiar from the first photo (they just can’t stay away!!??).  Thanks everyone for your support we really appreciate it and hope to catch up with you all again soon (and no we didn’t play football on the night).
August 2011
Another fabulous bunch of people who stayed till the early hours.  Thanks guys for making it a fun night.  Hope to see you all again soon.
September 2011
I think the pictures tell the story here.  A bit of a theme night.  Thanks for helping to make it a very colourful night guys (especially the guys!!)  It’s always great fun when this group gets together and thanks to Lisa and Darryl for making a significant effort to travel all the way from Brisbane to be with us.
October 2011
Another great night and of all the photos we took we believe that dear little Tabitha should take centre stage as she did on the night.  Thanks Fiona and Harvey for your support and it was just lovely to spend time with you all and to have a new baby in the house.
October 2011 2nd night
We were a little nervous at first with our last dinner as we didn’t know anyone but there was no need to be. Thank you Chris and Lian for supporting us and your good friends for making us feel so included.   We luvs yus allss too!
We found the camera by the way so you will all just have to come back again for another dinner so we can get a better shot!!!
November 2011
Now people came from far and wide for this one,  London being the furthest. However some didn’t have too far to travel at all so it was extremely relaxed and the wine flowed!!!   There were 2 photos taken on the night and Patrick you need to see the other one.  Something weird was happening there ??!!
December 2011
What a night!!   As you can see we started earlier than most and ended later than some.  Great fun guys and hope to see you all again next year!!!  I must say it’s a great idea to take the photo early in the night and can’t wait to see the photos of the food Amanda.  Merry Christmas to you all.
January 2012
And here we are in another year and tonight we also celebrated Australis Day.
A hot and steamy start to the night, especailly with David on the BBQ, but lots of conversation together with a bit of tennis and lots of food.
For those we didn’t know, we enjoyed your company and we would love to catch up with you again some time. For those we did know, great to have you here and look forward to seeing you again soon in 2012.  We thank you all for your support.
March 2012
A very chaotic night in the kitchen tonight as the oven blew up the night before and not everything can be done so successfully on the BBQ.  As all the guests were walking distance from home tonight they were able to take advantage of the sponsor’s wine which hopefully made up for any mishaps in the kitchen.  A fun night with Bernie’s Irish joke book and everyone dressed in green or wearing the Shamrock (being St Patrick’s Day). Thanks Bernie and Enzo for introducing us to such lovely people.
April 2012 cancelled due to oven breakdown – new kitchen coming soon!!!
May 2012
Simply wonderful to see a table return so that we could catch up again with the wonderful people who were our inaugural table in 2011.   Has it really been a year??   An equally great time was had and it was quite different doing it a second time.  Very relaxed.   Thanks for supporting us again this year guys – simply great to see you all again. (We were  having such a good time that we forgot the photo. Never mind – none of you have changed since last year!!!)
June 2012
Wow what a night!!!   David and I were overwhelmed by the way you included us in your group to celebrate your birthdays.  Thank you for organising the night Catherine, we had a blast and sincerely hope that you can all join us again.  The night just flew and we missed you all when you had gone. Happy birthday for 6th June Andoni.  We will think of you when we celebrate Joel’s birthday.  A very special day.
July 2012
Thanks to Tanina who suggested Lee choose one of our dinners to celebrate his birthday with a group of  his friends.  Lots of laughs and presents and Lee bought a selection of rare and vintage wines from his collection to share.  It was good to meet you all and only sorry you had to run off early to another “special” event.   Hope you all had a ball at the Spice Market!!  From the photos it looks like you did.  We also look forward to seeing some of you back here again in the near future.

August 2012
Sorry but we forgot to take a photo tonight.  Thanks Andy and Linda for your support.  It was great to catch up with you and we hope to see you next time you are in Melbourne again.
September 2012
Thanks for your support Kaye and Rod and for inviting such a great bunch of people.  We’ve seen some of your faces around the place but it was wonderful to get to know you better and I’m sure we will bump into each other again.  We sincerely thank each and every one of you for your support.
October 2012
Oh what a night!! (Makes me want to break into song).  Paul put together a great bunch of people and heaps of food was eaten and a bit of alcohol drunk as well.  This was the best picture.  Say no more…!!  Thanks guys – hope to see you all again soon.
November 2012
Tonight we celebrated Chris’ 40th birthday and did it in style with 20 people for a stand up cocktail party and entertainment to boot.  David and I felt like guests at a really good party so thanks Chris for allowing us to join you and your lovely family for such an important night.  Unfortunately we didn’t take any group photo although I’m sure some were taken of the birthday boy (perhaps you can send me some Chris).
December 2012
Thank you Sally for organising November’s dinner.  We had a great time meeting your soon to be new family and some wonderful friends.  Lots of discussion about Reach which was excellent as this is why we do this – to make people aware of the wonderful Reach organisation.  Thanks again Sally.
January 2013
Can you believe it is 2013!!!   McClardyMcShane again generously supported us with another fabulous Australia Day fireworks dinner.  You are great supporters of Reach guys and we thank you for introducing us to your friends, colleagues and clients.
August 2015 – BOOKED OUT
September 2015 –  BOOKED OUT
October 2015 – BOOKED OUT
November 2015 – available – book now!
December 2015 – available – book now!
January 2016 Australia Day – BOOKED OUT
February 2016 – available – book now!
March 2016 – BOOKED OUT
April 2016 – BOOKED OUT
May 2016  – available – book now!
June 2016 – available – book now!
We hope you can join us to have some fun, support Reach and help us to keep Joel’s flame alive.
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