We have put a couple of memories of Joel here and we will add to this as time goes by.  If you have a memory, no matter how long or short, please send it to us in the section provided at the bottom of this page and we’ll find an appropriate photo to put with it.

Jayne (Mum)

These photos reminds all of us of such a special time.   It was the last time that we (children, parents and grandparents) were all together and we had the best ever time.  As you can see from the happy smiling faces we were all so pleased to be with each other and enjoying every minute of it.  It was too difficult to choose just one photo for the memory of this wonderful time so I have included a few which show the joy we felt in each other’s company.

Jayne (Mum) – Joel and I spent 2 days in Amsterdam whilst we were visiting family in London.  David (Dad) stayed in London and Joel and I flew across to Amsterdam on our own.  Garth was at home as he was not able to join us on this trip.  Joel and I stayed in a tiny little hotel near the river and we spent hours walking around the city and seeing everything from the red light district with the girls and the shows to the bars and restaurants.

It was warm and we sat out at night at the restaurants in the streets and watched the people going by.  We traversed the canals and saw everything that we could in the 2 days.  This picture was taken at a little bar nearby Ann Frank’s house.  Joel couldn’t believe how different Amsterdam was from home and especially the number of people riding bikes.  We had great fun.

David (Dad) My memory of the day the picture on the header of this page was taken is that it was a hot summers day and we were living in Alphington at the time.  The back family room was full of sun and light and toys were all over the floor and Joel would be on the run all day.  I was totally exausted by the end of the day and happy for a quick lie down and a cuddle for a couple of minutes before he would be up and running again.

I also remember the day that I became an Australian Citizen back in 2000.   We all went down to the Box Hill town hall where I was sat in alphabetically order in the front row and next to the only other English guy there and Jayne and the boys sat on the side in the visitors seats.  After the ceremony Jayne took this picture of the boys and I and Joel turned to me and said “Welome to Australia Dad – now you’re just like me!”

T (best friend) When I think of Joel, it inevitably makes me think of what I miss.  Most I think is laughing with Joel.  He was incredibly good at turning his mate’s grumpy moods into a laughing fit.  I could be angry and fighting with my girlfriend and it would take one glance and a comment from Joel to have me realising I was being a dick, laughing and admitting I was wrong and apologising!  He really did know his mates well, how they thought and how to say something to get the right result, change the mood and make it all laughs again!

One time that makes for a story:  We went through a faze of going to a go-cart track together.  Sometimes we would organise a bunch of mates and other times he and I would get bored and we would go race a few laps.  This one time we had been arguing who was the better racing driver so we put it down to a race for bragging rights!

We were on the last lap and I had held the lead for the whole race with Joel hot on my heels.  Well knowing Joel was right behind me (and that I was only two corners away from the finish line) I decided I already had it in the bag.  So he could see, I started pumping my fist in the air giving him the bird etc. until the last corner I thought I would display to Joel just how precision my driving was by getting so close to the stack of tyres that marked the inside of the last corner so that I would reach out and skim my hand on them.  Well I got close all right.  I got so close that instead of skimming my hand it hit my entire arm just past my elbow instantly causing severe pain and my go-cart to swerve left to right and full speed into a wall of tyres 5 meters before the finish line.  Joel flew over the line taking the crown, went round the track and pulled up next to me with tears of laughter running down his face and shrieking in hysterics in what he was blurting out to me as the funnies thing he’d ever seen!  Anyone of Joel’s mates knows what I mean when Joel uncontrollably laughed and the shriek that went with it was contagious.  It makes me chuckle just recalling it, even if I didn’t find the joke funny, him laughing would do it for me!

Joel often made me realise when stuff wasn’t so bad, when I was looking at things wrong or get me to see it from others point of view.  He has shown me that so many things are just not worth getting upset over and some things just don’t matter.  He showed me how to take off my blinkers and open up my tunnel vision.  He showed me how to let the stuff go that makes no difference.

It’s funny how we only realise how good someone was for us in our lives after they are gone.  So thanks Joel for being adult when I was still a boy!  For turning bad times to good and always being the one to let stuff go that didn’t matter so as not to waste the stuff that did!

Watching movies just isn’t the same Bohim!

We love ya mate and miss you every day!


Oni I remember David, Jayne Garth and Joel coming to the UK and visting us at our new house in Ilford. It was a small new build property with a tiny garden. As the adults were talking we sent Garth and Joel out into the garden to play thinking they could not get up to anything. After a while we went outside and found they’d totally unwound our garden hose and wrapped it around our rotary washing line. They’d also managed to destroy our stone edging and scatter all the stones over our newly laid path. Not being parents ourselves we are a little shocked but then boys will be boys and we soon got over it. Both Garth and Joel were both a handful but were great kids. We’ll always remember Joel for his warmth and good humour and the short time he spent with us in the UK. His life should not be forgotten. We only have fond memories of him.

Maree We have fond memories of Joel but the most vivid is at Davids 50th birthday party how helpful and proud Joel was that night, we spoke at great lengths and had a lot of laughs and talked a lot of the younger days when we would visit for BBQs [early days at Lwr Plenty] and all the kids would rip around the garden or play pool and all just have fun together. It was special..xo Maree and Graham

Emma We  remember Joel dearly in our hearts.  I thought of him last night when I was at the Arsenal stadium, freezing during an evening match.  I remembered the time when we went together to a night game and it was the coldest I have ever seen, we barely watched the match.

Karen I remember when the boys were here in July 1997! I remember it so well when we took them on a tour of Wembley Stadium, it was a lovely day and we all had a great time. We took lots of pictures on the day. We wish you lots
of success with the Foundation and send lots of love to you all.
Mum We had such fun at the beach.  In fact any time Joel was in the water he was having fun. Both the boys had swimming lessons before they could walk and they loved the water.   One day, at Surfers Paradise, we took our eyes off Joel for just a second and when we turned around he was gone.  Eveyone on the beach was looking for him, the lifesavers, young men who had been playing cricket, everyone helped.  The life savers kept tell us that he wasn’t in the water so he was OK.  We weren’t so sure about that.  After the longest 10 minutes in our lives we saw a tall lady walking up the beach with Joel on her shoulders.  She was about 100 meters away and Joel was soaking wet.  We were so pleased to see him and didn’t know whether to hug him or yell at him.  I think we did both and then if I remember correctly we told him he couldn’t go in the water and made him sit on his towel for a while and he hung his head and sulked, as only Joel could do.

Memories of Joel from Primary School, from his schoolmate Kristy Hobson

I met Joel when he came to Viewbank Primary School when we were both in grade 4. We sat next to each other in class. He was the first boy I really really liked – my first proper crush. It was Mrs. Merlo’s class I believe, and we got along extremely well. We chatted, laughed and joked all the time. Joel had such a great sense of humour, even as a kid! It wasn’t long until I had a massive crush on Joel. I remember so many fond things about Joel’s personality; he was super cool, funny, sweet and supportive. I remember one day when I was singing a song and some of the other kids were laughing at me, and Joel stepped in straight away and defended me saying ‘I’d like to see you guys do better!’ and then he told me how much he loved my singing. How sweet is that! It’s funny how you remember certain things, how they stick out so vividly in your mind, even from years ago…

Joel at Viewbank

I remember Joel telling me all about his favourite band back then, Silverchair. This is when they had first become popular. He pulled out the album from his school bag to show me, it was called Frog Stomp and he loved it so much! Yes he was such a cool spunk.  I was lucky enough to have my feelings returned when I found out Joel liked me too. One day one of the kids at school dared him to kiss my hand lol. It took him the whole of lunchtime to pluck up the courage – with all the other kids cheering us on. It was a big deal back then! After he did I was as proud as punch. All the girls walked in one direction, and all the boys in another as we giggled and laughed and spoke about what had happened. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Joel and I shared our first real kiss in a game of spin the bottle at a friend’s birthday party and for weeks afterwards it was all I could think about. I couldn’t have liked anyone more than I liked him. Joel was very sweet and thoughtful, and as a proper gentleman Joel gave me a few special gifts along the way. He gave me a magical snow globe for Kris Kringle, and a very special necklace with a ‘K’ for Kristy on it. I still have the necklace to this day and treasure it. I think of him whenever I look at it. Joel was absolutely my dreamboat; I was completely smitten and even had a photo of him in my journal from back then. He used to write on the trees at school with a stick (as you do!) “J.B loves K.H” – I loved finding those trees he had written on.

It might sound funny, but I do believe you can be in love at that age, and I believe I loved Joel. He meant everything to me. When things were tough, I had Joel to daydream about. I wish I could have met Joel as an adult. I wish I could see him right now. How much I would tell him!  I would start by telling him what a massive crush I had on him in Primary School! Having said that, I would probably still have a massive crush on him as an adult if I had of spent enough time with him ha-ha.

I would love to get to know the boy that I knew as a man, an adult. I would love to know who he became, what he loved, to hear his stories of life so far. Joel and I were separated when Joel had to change schools and I moved to Coffs Harbour after my parent’s separation. I was devastated. We didn’t keep in touch but I wish we had of. I think Joel moved on sooner than I did – being in a new school.

Nonetheless I will never forget him. He is in my heart forever and I am so glad I got to spend the time I did with him that I did. The world is less beautiful without you in it Joel. I miss you!! I hope wherever you are Joel Barrie that you are happy, smiling, at peace and being looked after. And I hope you are being your amazing self. Know Joel that you will always be such a special person to me and forever in my heart. You truly were my first love. God bless you gorgeous guy.

Love Kristy Hobson xoxoxoxoxoxox

Jayne (Mum)  Kristy’s memory above, which I have just added, has bought back a whole lot of memories of when Joel was in primary school.  My memories tend to be of him as an adult around the last time that I saw him but of course Kristy doesn’t have those memories and her words have bought back some lovely memories for me of earlier years.  Especially on holidays which is when we took most of our photographs.  I include one here which was taken in Hawaii where we did lots of swimming and playing tennis.  Such a lovely little face.
10 in Hawaii
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